What is Web Hosting?

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Is Enterprise Hosting for me?

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Put the power of Softaculous to work for you!

Softaculous is a powerful web application software repository that comes free with your cPanel website control panel, if you choose the Linux hosting option. It gives you access to hundreds of different...

Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name…

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Useful cPanel Features to Know About

Hosting a website used to be hard work, but the invention of application based control panels changed all that. Today the most popular website hosting control panel is cPanel and, looking at its attributes, it's not hard to see why. cPanel is: • Easy to customise – cPanel has various themes that can be installed, or you can create your own themes and custom branding to give your cPanel a unique look. • Effective – anything you need to do can be done with cPanel. • Compatible – works with all web enabled GUI-based operating systems, and works on desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. • Feature-packed – cPanel comes with a rich variety of pre-configured extras that will make it easier than ever to create your dream website. It is the last of these attributes that we'll focus on in this article.

Web Hosting and cPanel – How to Easily Upload your Website

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How to Choose a Hosting Package

In order to ensure you get adequate support, what you need to do is choose a hosting company that is large enough to provide the infrastructure you need, but still small enough to be able to dedicate personal attention to you and your needs. A good choice for web hosting is Hosting Ireland, which is a very popular choice for business customers, but has not grown to the extent that it no longer provides personal support from its own staff. That means more personal support that is tailored to you, and gives your problems an appropriate amount of attention.

Why Hosting in Ireland is a Better Choice for Irish Business…

Here in Ireland, it's hardly surprising that the number one for web hosting for popularity is Hosting Ireland. The very reasonable price is the first thing to catch the eye, but by no means the only reason to stick around and investigate further. What we find with this hosting provider is rock steady performance, stellar customer service, excellent technical support, and a flexible range of options that is not too complex. Behind the scenes, there's none of that custom interface nonsense, just all the most desirable features any decent web hosting provider should have available, including an unmolested version of cPanel.

WordPress Hosting: What are the options?

There are a lot of different businesses offering managed WordPress hosting in Ireland, but of course they're not all equal. Among the most popular and best offerings are: • Hosting Ireland plans start at 5.99 euros per month, with unlimited bandwidth, 10GB of space (2 extra euros per month for 5GB extra if you should need it), and more extras than we can list. You also get 2 months free with annual subscriptions. • WP Engine have pricier option with plans starting at around 19 euros per month. These plans don't have unlimited bandwidth, but what is offered is still fairly generous. This is the right choice for those who prefer to deal with giant global corporations rather than local businesses. • WordPlace is aimed squarely at complete beginners.

Comparison of Website Builders in Ireland…

Hosting Ireland offers three different website builder packages that you can create a website with. At first the pricing may seem high, but when you take a look at the inclusions, you can see that these packages actually represent excellent value. The Premium package, in particular, comes under notice, offering a free IE domain and free SSL certificate included, at only €149 per year for an annual subscription.

Securing Your Site and User Trust With SSL

Buying an SSL certificate is not like a regular purchase, because there are a few tests and checks that have to be done before a certificate can be issued. This is for the protection of everyone, including you. Usually the easiest way is to get your Hosting company or SEO manager to obtain the SSL Certificate for you, because this will simplify the process greatly.