We Back Safer Internet Day 2015 – “Let’s Create a Better Internet Together”

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Best Hosting for 2015

We aim to continue to bring you useful tips and video to help you in the world of hosting. Whether simple shared hosting, email setup or getting under the bonnet with more complex hosting solutions we want to try and keep you up to speed with whats new and the next technology trends will bring. We've found this comparison site very useful when looking for great hosting -

Backup Your Cloud VPS Before It Is Too Late…

Don’t be fooled into relying on your hosts ability to backup the last 24 hours data as is possible with virtually all VPS’s with any web hosting company. You may feel that your data is not business critical or that you could get by with yesterdays data. The very fact that you have a VPS demonstrates that you probably have a significant amount of data and you need business continuity.

Are Cloud VPS the next Step from Shared Hosting…?

A Cloud VPS is the next smart move from shared hosting, giving you a greater power and control and is the logical move if you've reached the limit with your shared hosting. A cloud">VPS will give you more bandwidth, more power and more control because it utilises cloud technology, which is what makes a cloud VPS package ideal for businesses.

What to Look out for When Buying Hosting!

The most important factors with hosting is uptime or reliability as it might be called. There are some great hosting companies offering great deals, but price is not the only thing to consider. You pay for what you get and so if you want to ensure you are getting secure, robust hosting check out the following:

So Why Is My Hosting Provider Not Offering Me a Cloud Solution?

The next time your hosting contract is coming up for renewal make sure you put it out to tender to not only your existing host, but also two or three other">Cloud Computing Service Providers and see not only can they offer competitive pricing, but significant material advantages such as scalability, high availability and data backup.

5 Ways to Help You Choose the Right Service Provider for Your Cloud Computing...

We did some shopping around to try and find an example of a cloud computing company that seems to take into consideration all of the above and offer the latest in cloud computing technologies and we came up with a couple of examples:">Cloud Computing Service Providers Ireland - Cloud Computing Service Providers UK - Whoever you decided to choose make sure you follow points 1-5.